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The Business models often change quite dramatically over time in the American economy. During our time the bookseller; Amazon changed the concept of a book selling and its book retailing vision led to the radical diversification of its product line.

At Healthcare Opportunities Investment Advisors, we offer business models that aren't more resistant to change, with firms concentrating on specialization rather than engaging in organizational innovation and diversification. Take the example of hospitals. Within our health system, hospitals carry out a “repair shop” function, and, despite new technologies and advancing professional skills, that function and business model has changed little for over a century.

Behavioral Health

At Healthcare Opportunities Investment Advisors, we understand that behavioral healthcare is relatively complex when compared to the delivery of general medical care. The industry annually generates more than $104 billion in direct care expenses and continues to experience rapid reorganization and realignment of services in response to purchaser demands. Employer, federal, state, and local government purchasing strategies continue to change in response to price and demand for behavioral healthcare services.